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Veterans Gateway and Preserved Pensions

Shipmates may not be aware that the Veterans' Gateway is the one-stop shop for veterans who are seeking help. It is supported by a consortium of Armed Forces Charities, notably the Royal British Legion, SSAFA and Combat Stress.

The Forces Pension Society also plays its part, helping with pension enquiries of which we have fielded 750 to date and now running at a rate of over 100 a month. Many of these come from those who have lost their way and have no idea of whether they have a pension entitlement or what it is.

There have been some notable recent successes for some of those who have approached us through the Gateway Rob left in the early 90s after 11 years' service and is now in receipt of £5K pension and £15K tax free lump sum.

Jack left in the mid 90s after 9 years and has now discovered that he will receive a pension of £3.5K in a couple of years' time at age 60 - and a lump sum of £10.5K

Pete left in 1984 after 9 years' service, now receives £3,300 pa and has trousered a lump sum of £10K

Mog left in 1980 with 6 years' service, and receives over £2K pa and a lump sum of just over £6K.

These stories are all true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. If you know someone who served from 1975 onwards they might be entitled to a preserved pension. Tell them to get in touch.