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Recruitment of former Logistics Catering Services Personnel

The RN is currently involved with a project to try and engage with former RN Catering Service, Chefs and Stewards, with a view to asking them to consider joining the service again.

The Project is managed by Commander Peter Viney Royal Navy and he writes below to explain in detail what it is all about.  He is hoping that Shipmates may be related to or have contact with recently retired Chefs and Stewards who may be interested.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


My name is Cdr Peter Viney and I am leading a small team over a 5-week period to try and engage on a personal 1 to 1 basis all ex RN Junior Rate Catering Service Personnel who have left the RN in the last 5 years (although this can be expanded upon for the right candidate) and see if we can entice them to return.  You might be aware, they were all received letters at the end of last year from the Logs(Supply) Branch Manager and whilst this produced some level of interest it is felt that with a more personal touch and stronger engagement we can do a bit better.   


My approach is simple.  Along with my small team of 3, we will aim to engage on a personal basis with all those personnel identified by the Branch Manager and offer them an opportunity to return to the service. We have created and can offer a fast track approach which could see them back in within a few weeks of making contact with them and they will, if interested, be sponsored by the team until they reach RALEIGH and come back onto the trained strength. I do have some flex on re-entry standards and will be happy to discuss this any interested parties should they wish to re-enter but have doubts about their suitability. 


What do I ask of you?  Can you please make all your Catering Service Personnel aware of this initiative and ask them to pass the details below to any of their friends or colleagues who have left the RN who might be interested in coming in,  or those that have attempted and be thwarted for whatever reason.   


The details of the team are below:


Commander Pete Viney         07971 664904 /


WO1 John Boreham                07971664352 /


PO(CS) Mike Dewing               07971665270 /   


Any member of the team can assist – if they are interested or wish to find more, tell them to email or call and we can discuss the options and also answer any queries they may have.  This team is complimentary to the Logs Team in CNR run by WO1 Taff Llewellyn.     


I thank you for your help and support. 


Peter Viney

Commander Royal Navy