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    Navy Deferred Pension

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    Did you serve after 6 April 1975 and leave before you had complete 22 years service or Officers after 16 years
    service? If so, you are reminded that you may be entitled to a preserved pension from age 60. Read

    Prior to 6 April 1975 there was no provision for a preservation of pension benefits and service
    personnel who left the armed forces had to have completed 16 years from age 21 (officers) or 22
    years from age 18 (other ranks). Those who left before that date without completing the above
    criteria, lost all pension entitlement. (This is very unlikely to change despite appeals to the Govt)

    The rules changed on 6 April 1975 to provide for pensions to be deferred for payment at age 60
    for all those discharged over the age of 26 with a minimum of 5 years service. On 31 March 1978
    the age criterion was dropped and on 6 April 1988, the qualifying period was reduced from 5 to 2
    years. Deferred pensions can be claimed at age 60 or at age 65 if your service began after 5
    April 2006 and after that point. However, you can claim your preserved pension sooner if you
    become permanently incapacitated.

    Service pensions are administered by Veterans UK but pension payments are made by
    Paymaster (1836) Ltd, the paying authority for the Armed Forces Pension Scheme (AFPS).
    For further information For help and information on your armed forces pension please ring the
    Veterans UK on 0800 085 3600 or write to:

    Veterans UK Pension Division
    Mail Point 480
    Kentigern House
    65 Brown Street
    Glasgow, G2 8EX

    http://www.gov.uk/government/publications/service-personnel-and-veteransagency- spva-pensions-forms