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    Fourteen Hundred Zulu (1965) - 30-minute RN documentary

    Rn 1960 SRn 1960 S

    This colour 30-minute documentary of 1965 is a trip down memory lane.  It features footage of all arms of the seagoing Naval Service (except surveying) and many weapons systems of the time:


    400 Ships, 100,000 men!  The nation's and navy's responsibilities are much the same today, of course - 95% trade by sea, 14 Overseas Territories, NATO, our island nation rather more populous - yet the fleet is 20% and manpower 30% of the numbers in 1965.

    You may recognise some of the officers and men captured on camera, though many are wearing anti-flash headgear!  Ships and squadrons featured are listed below, in approximate order (much done from memory, some checking online, all mistakes my own > corrections, As & As, names of people etc gratefully received and I'll pass the combined recognition effort to the IWM Film Library).

    Apologies if you are familiar with the footage.  I attach comments about the film in a recently-published book (one of a new series).


    • HMS Lincoln (F99)
    • Buccaneer from HMS Eagle
    • HMS Eagle
    • Launch of a tanker on [?] Merseyside, presumably at Cammell Laird's, Birkenhead
    • Cunard liner RMS Franconia (or sister ship) in cruising paint scheme with Alexandra Towing Co tug (a Liverpool-based company)
    • Superstructure of ss Canberra
    • Cargo ships and liners of [?] Pacific SN Co, Federal SN Co, Blue Funnel, Lamport & Holt lines, the classic Blue Funnel steamer overflown by a Wasp helicopter
    • Two Whitby class frigates, one a leader, the other perhaps HMS Londonderry (F108)
    • MoD Main Building + Whitehall CommCen
    • HMS Hampshire (D06)
    • HMS Eagle (R05), ASW Wessex + Buccaneer aircraft
    • HMS Blake, Lion or Tiger (C99, C34, C20)
    • Admiralty Bustler class salvage tug towing targets
    • Ton class Minesweeper (M1xxx)
    • HMS Bulwark (R08) + 845 NAS Wessex
    • HMS Dido (F104)
    • HMS Zulu (F124)
    • Submarine captain "Up periscope"
    • RFA Wave Ruler (A212) RAS(L) with HMS Hampshire
    • Weapon loading Buccaneer on HMS Eagle flight deck
    • Wessex drops SBS frogmen in water
    • Buccaneer - flying stations, flight deck handling, spreading wings, launching, low level attack
    • RMs take LCAs [LCVPs?] inshore > beach assault
    • RM 'sticks' embark in 845 NAS Wessex
    • ASW ops with HMS Dido, HMS Zulu + Whitby class frigate and inside submarine
    • Mine clearance ops
    • Cruiser gunnery exercise
    • A look around a County class DLG + missile firings ("wicked" accuracy of Seacat)
    • ASW Wessex dunking sonar
    • Wasp launching from a frigate deck
    • HMS Dreadnought (S101) - inside and out
    • P1127 (Harrier) - first ever carrier landing
    • Launch of Buccaneer Mk II
    • Launch of Polaris missile
    • Closing footage includes HMS Dreadnought leaving harbour, a standard Soviet merchantman to starboard.

    The End.  Time for a Mickey Duck!