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Naval Associations Biennial Parade

We have had our final meeting with the Metropolitan Police and there have been some changes to the Biennial Orders.


Parking is the main issue to Change.  Coaches, minibuses and blue badge holders can park on the Mall – not Horse Guards Road.  This is a late change by the Royal Parks Dept.  A new map is attached.  Please ensure that branches that you know are coming are informed.


Also to change is the first UK deployment of HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) at either end of Whitehall, which will affect those with mobility issues.  Cars can go through the barrier at the south end of Whitehall (Parliament Square( to drop off at Kings Charles St, but the vehicle must have a car pass.  Chrissie Hughes will be manning that security point (as well as driving the Portsmouth LIBOR bus).


We will need some additional volunteers to be in Horse Guards Road to direct vehicles to the Mall and someone at the electronic gate to certify vehicles are OK.  I have run out of Central Office staff and volunteers since there are other positions to be manned.  This duty will be from 0900 to 1015, when folk can join the main parade/NC squad.  Can I ask for NC volunteers please?


Other changes are that Min(AF) will not be attending and that the Deputy Chaplain of the Fleet will be officiating – Rev Scott Shackleton.


I apologise for the changes, but as you can imagine a combination of a changing security picture, changes in the Met, and inadequate HQ staff at the Met, has meant more last minute changes that I would like.  However, I think we are there.


We are lucky to be joined by Gill Molyneux, Kate Nesbitt and William Tomlinson on the day and in VSC the night before.  I attach their citations, completed by the RN medals office for us, for some humbling reading.


Meetings, Biennial etc mean that I have not yet completed the GS report, hopefully will be done on Monday.





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