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Arctic Star Presentation to Rayleigh Museum

Arctic Star Presentation to Rayleigh Museum

Following the Remembrance parade and church service in Rayleigh on Sunday 12 November, shipmates Jim Hammond, Gary Daisley, Iain Hendry, Eddie Dray, Dave Smith and Edd & Christine Callis were joined at the Rayleigh Museum by Mike Davis (Curator) and Mrs Carol Pavelin (Chairman of the Rayleigh Town Council) to witness the presentation of an Arctic Star medal to the Rayleigh Museum.

Former Rayleigh man, Geoffrey Negus travelled half way around the world from his home Masterton (near Wellington) in New Zealand to present his father’s (Alfred Negus) Arctic Star medal awarded for his service in the Russian convoys on board HMS Indefatigable during WW2.

During the presentation, Geoffrey spoke at length about his childhood memories of living in Rayleigh before his parents emigrated to New Zealand in the 1960’s. He also shared what he knew about his father’s time at sea and the events with the Australian & New Zealand veterans which had followed the posthumous award in his father’s name.

It also turned out that one of Geoffrey’s uncles who had been lost during WW1 was named in the Roll of Honour read out during the remembrance service outside the RBL hall earlier in the day.

The medal will now reside at the Town’s Museum in Rayleigh High Street together with its history and details of the presentation.