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Project Semaphore iPAD Update In order to build on the progress of Project Semaphore, provide further information and training the project team would be delighted to visit you in the New Year! We could come to your Branch meeting or if you can find a venue, hold a Workshop in your local area.

Are you a Shipmate with an RNA iPad and need further training? Would you like to know more about the Project and see what the iPad can do?
Are you willing to Volunteer to help others but would like to see the iPad and built in features and understand the commitment?

The Project Team is delighted that with the help of our band of amazing Volunteers we have been able to get Shipmates online…many are exploring the Internet for the first time and have proved that you are never too old to learn! Our devices have been built for Veterans and include shortcuts to useful websites including the RN and RNA as well as a preloaded Apps catalogue to enable shopping and banking online.

You will remember that the eligibility criteria to apply for an iPad is set by the Aged Veterans Fund: you must have served in the RN or RM, be aged 65 or over and do not
have regular access to the Internet….you do not have to be a member of the RNA.

Please get in touch with Julie, Deputy Project Manager if you can muster a small group, ideally of Shipmates interested in receiving an iPad,
those with an RNA iPad who want to learn more and those willing to Volunteer to help a Veteran. Groups offering cake, tea and a venue will go to the top of the list!

We look forward to meeting you in 2018!

Sarah can be contacted by e-mailing or writing to RNA Central Office, Rm 209, Semaphore Tower, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth Hants PO1 3LT